s anybody interested in our branding story? Uyghurs traditional Badam Doppa is one of our culture's most iconic elements. It represents centuries of Uyghur's conventional embroidery techniques and ethnic identity.

Uyghur man at home in Ghulja

Calligraphic "DOLAN" word mark coming from Serif fonts portray tradition, sophistication, and a formal tone. Our Brand logo combines traditional Uyghur Badam Doppa flower shape and custom-made calligraphic "DOLAN" wordmark flourishes to convey a message of history, heritage, beauty, poetry, and peace.

Most importantly, it has a solid handmade feeling to it, just like our handmade noodles. What did you see? What did you feel? When will you be joining us?

The Uyghur way of life is now at a crossroads. One path leads to cultural preservation and dignity for the Uyghur people. The other path is less than certain.

At Dolan Uyghur Restaurant, we are committed to preserving what we can – the food and flavor of Uyghur culture. We do so by serving our customers brilliant meals prepared in distinctive, central Asian style. From lamb to lagman soup, handmade noodles to handmade dumplings, every dish is prepared by a Uyghur chef who thoroughly understands that delicious food is at the heart of traditional Uyghur life.

Restaurant proprietor Hamid Kerim is a native of the Ghulja area,  near the border of modern Kazakhstan and China. “Dolan” is the traditional name of the tribe of peoples who are today called Uyghurs. They have long inhabited this vast region of snow-capped mountains, winding rivers, blue-green lakes, lush oases, and scorching deserts.