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About Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

Welcome to Dolan Uyghur Restaurant, where we serve fresh, healthy, and delicious Uyghur cuisine.

The Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking, predominantly Sunni Muslim group of people who traditionally inhabited the East Turkistan region of Central Asia. “Dolan” is the name of an ancient tribe of Uyghur people who lived in the Taklamakan Desert during the Qing Dynasty. While there are modern Dolan people, the term “Dolan” primarily refers to an earlier Uyghur culture and civilization in the region. Today there are an estimated 12-20 million Uyghurs living in the region which China has designated the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. 

The Uyghur people have long been the victims of a human rights crisis. Uyghur culture is being erased, and millions are unjustly detained. Dolan’s owner, Hamid Kerim, escaped from East Turkistan (AKA Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region), immigrated to the United States and created this restaurant to raise awareness about the treatment of the Uyghur people. At Dolan, we strive to help preserve, celebrate, and share an integral part of Uyghur culture: food.

The unique character of Uyghur cuisine is a result of local products, traditional cooking methods, and recipes that have been passed through generations. Uyghur food reflects the influence of neighboring cultures such as Greek, Persian, and Arabic cultures, yet our food culture is uniquely our own. Dolan Uyghur Restaurant is one of the first Uyghur restaurants in Washington D.C. and Fairfax, Virginia. On our menu, you’ll find hand-pulled noodles, chicken stew, handmade dumplings, and many more delicious dishes. Our chef prepares each dish with fresh, ingredients, authentic recipes, and pride for our culture. With each item on our menu, we are committed to preserving and sharing the authentic flavors and traditions of Uyghur and Central Asian cuisine.

Hamid Kerim Portrait
Owner's Word

Made with Love

Dolan is all about serving traditional meals “for those you love the most”. We invite you to Dolan, to enjoy a taste of our culture, savor a meal with your loved ones, and experience the culinary tradition of Central Asia.

When you visit Dolan Restaurant, we hope you think of the Uyghur people and imagine the snow-capped mountains, winding rivers, and blue-green lakes of central Asia that the Uyghur people call home.

- Hamid Kerim

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Dolan Restaurant

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