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Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

Authentic, delicious dishes from Central Asia

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Our story

The Uyghur way of life is now at a crossroads. One path leads to cultural preservation and dignity for the Uyghur people. The other path is less than certain. At Dolan Uyghur Restaurant, we are committed to preserving what we can – the food and flavor of Uyghur culture. We do so by serving our customers brilliant meals prepared in distinctive, central Asian style. From Hot chicken stew to Laghman , handmade noodles to handmade dumplings, every dish is prepared by our chef who thoroughly understands that delicious food is at the heart of traditional Uyghur life.

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Our Culture

The Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking, predominantly Muslim group of people from the East Turkistan region of Central Asia. “Dolan” is the name of an ancient tribe of Uyghur people who lived in the Taklamakan Desert during the Qing Dynasty. At Dolan Uyghur Restaurant, we strive to preserve, celebrate, and share an integral part of Uyghur culture: food.

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Fresh and Authentic

Every item on our menu is made with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. We follow the characteristic principles of Uyghur culture to ensure authenticity.

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Dolan Gul Chai

Indulge in a unique blend of flowers with an authentic Uyghur tea recipe that has been perfected over generations. Each ingredient is individually selected, harvested, and dried to bring you the purest flavors and aromas.

Made with Dried Goji Berries, Dried Red Dates, Dried Rose Buds, Dried Snow Daisies, Dried Lavender, Dried Chrysanthemum

100% Natural, Caffeine Free, GMO Free.

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Monday to Thursday, 11:30PM ~ 5:00PM
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Owner Hamid Kerim
From our Owner

Made with Love

I immigrated to the United States from East Turkistan, and created this restaurant to share my culture through delicious, traditional meals. Dolan is all about serving traditional meals “for those you love the most”. When you, my guests, are happy, so am I.

At Dolan, we are committed to preserving a wide variety of dishes that capture the unique flavor and culture of the Uyghur people. We invite you to enjoy a taste of our culture, savor a meal with your loved ones, and experience the culinary tradition of Central Asia

- Hamid Kerim

Signature of owner (Mr. Hamid)
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